Welcome to St. Patrick’s International School

Developing the multiple intelligences of our students

Inteligencies Multiples

We increase children’s skills by developing their creativity and initiative through multiple forms of intelligence. Here at St. Patrick’s International School, we have selected the best international learning programs in order to optimize our children’s potential by developing all personal and intellectual areas.

It’s more than a school: It’s a family!


A cozy and stimulating environment where we foster close relationships with children and engage families to fully participate in their child’s educational journey.  We ensure that all children are happy, well attended and feel committed to the values of the school in a family environment.

A New Way of Learning

New Way Learning

We believe in fostering a child’s natural potential through early stimulation. The brain is more adaptable and flexible among young children. For this reason, here at St. Patrick’s International School we stimulate our students in order to generate the maximum number of synaptic connections, laying the foundations for the success of their future education.

British School


The British Council has accepted St. Patrick’s International School as a British school.

It follows the demanding guidelines of the British government in relation to the curriculum, regulations and internal organisation, extending St. Patrick’s International School’s own content to offer our students a global education.


Discover St. Patrick’s International School, the new international school for infant and primary education with total immersion in English and early stimulation in Barcelona.


Open Day

Dear Families:

Registration will be open during the school year based on availability. If you are interested in having your son or daughter start at St. Patrick’s International School, you may request information via email:


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